CHAPTER 5: House of Stone {1000AD – 1500AD}

Despite many set backs and great difficulties, over the ensuing centuries the original Bukalanga, then Moritsane groups of BaNtu people grew and prospered. From these, the Shona nation would evolve, the: Korekore, Zeseru, Manyika, Ndau, and Karanga. They emerged as the most successful of the original migrant tribes. This is the living story of The

CHAPTER 4: Bukalanga {700AD – 1000AD}

Our story transports the reader back to these times in a living tapestry of the lives and times of the Bukalanga. [Bu -people of Kalanga origin]These first inhabitants of what is now Zimbabwe were Shona speaking peoples who settled in the region as early as 400 AD. They referred to themselves as Kalanga. By the

CHAPTER 3: Sunrise, Sunset. {500AD to 700AD}

In the last movements of the great BaNtu migration, the tribes split, traversing the entire region. The most enterprising of these, various offshoots of the greater Bakalanga tribes were moving eastward and northward from the Limpopo-Shashi confluence. Our story picks up the Toutswe tribe about 500AD. This is the story of how the Toutswe were

CHAPTER 2: BaNtu Procession {1000BC – 500AD}

Resulting from a combination of events – some meteorological, ecological or human – a migration began out of West Africa roughly 3000 years ago and ended in the southern Cape about 200 years ago. This epic and eventful journey ultimately covered the face of southern Africa with its present indigenes. Their incredibly eventful migration comes

CHAPTER 1: The Dawn {Prehistoric – 500AD}

This is the story of Africa`s most ancient tribe, the San people. It reveals their prehistoric origins, migrations, tribal lifestyle and habitats. This chapter carries the reader on a fascinating journey with the tribe as they traverse Southern Africa. Accompanying the tribe on this epic journey, the reader will delve deep into their ancient cultures