Chapter 14: Farmers Indeed? {Late 19th Century}

The First War of Independence; Like a greedy child at a party table, stuffing a fistful of goodies into its mouth with one hand while grabbing more from the table with the other. The British, having earlier militarily overcome the Trekkers to appropriate their Natalia Republic and then by deceit and sheer force of arms,

CHAPTER 13: Sugar & Spice {Mid 19th Century}

Green gold was planted in Natal and flourished like a well fertilised weed. Sugar Cane, a labour intensive crop, promised to be the saviour of the British colonial conclave at Port Natal. However, the indigenous Zulu refused to perform manual labour in the sugar fields. This paved the way for indentured labour from India to

CHAPTER 12: Sunset on a Nation {Early 19th Century}

Over the 19th century the various bloody successions to the Zulu throne would make European medieval royal history seem as harmless as the tale of ‘the three little pigs’. Four of Senzangakhona’s direct sons would ascend the Zulu throne. Three of these ascensions were by the violent and murderous death of their immediate predecessor. Finally,

CHAPTER 11: New Nation {1860AD – 1886AD}

The Voortrekkers were the progenitors of a nation still in its embryonic state who would later become the Afrikaner nation. These, were the descendants of ancestors who had first colonised the Cape back in 1662 and then later dared to go over the mountain. Here, after many trials and tribulations they finally colonised two independent

CHAPTER 10: Over the Berg {1804AD -1840AD}

British nepotism and general shabby treatment of the Dutch had caused them at last to leave the Cape, after some 200 years there, in search of their own destiny.This is their passionate inside story, the Dutch Voortrekkers, who actually pioneered the greater southern African interior. This tale of their journeys, wanderings and experiences is profound;

CHAPTER 9: Two Great Tribes {1804AD – 1840AD}

Thrilling, in its intensity and shocking in its reality this chapter brings readers face to face with early 19th Century tribal life in southern Africa. Shaka, King of the Zulu and Mzilikazi ,King of the Matabele were tyrannical warrior Kings who literally set southern Africa ablaze and bathed it in lustful bloodletting. Their story, as

CHAPTER 8: Under the Jack {1804AD – 1860AD}

In real life drama the readers will be carried along on the powerful tide of this chapter. The change in fortunes of the Dutch settlers after the Cape Dutch are defeated at the battle of Blaauwberg in 1806. How life there consequentially played out, under British rule Life at the Cape was to change drastically