Meet Charles

A great lover of the outdoors from a very early age he has experienced most of the fauna, flora and wildlife on both land and sea over a wide swathe of Southern Africa.

Meet Charles Armstrong

Born and raised in South Africa he has since worked and travelled widely across Africa, particularly sub Saharan Africa. Charles has breathed its salty air on both coasts and smelled the Namib Desert dust, as well as the rain soaked fragrance of tropical forests and sweet- smelling grasses on the plains of the sub Equatorial Savanna.

His eyes have looked upon the unique beauty of a Serengeti sunset and his ears have listened to the utter lonesome silence of the sweltering mid day Kalahari. He has slept under a panoply of scintillating starlight beside open fires in Southern Angola, the Okavango Swamps and Namibian border.

In bars and bush pubs from Johannesburg to Mbuji-Mayi, Harare, Kinshasa, Mbabane, Dar es Salaam and Gaborone, he has shared; deep conversation, Kilimanjaro and Tusker beer with the locals. So saying, his life and work have brought him into close contact with many of the indigenous tribes of sub Equatorial Africa.

Over the past three score years and ten, he lived, loved, worked and warred, to survive there. Now retired to Melbourne Australia as an author and freelance writer, his free time is spent reading and enjoying the company of his family in the wonderful Australian state of Victoria.